The Thermal paper can print only on one side. Reverse the paper .

Go to Internet Explorer Settings > Print > Page Setup

Change the left and right margins to 0.2

Change the paper size to 58 x 210 in Internet Explorer > Settings > Print > Page Setup > select paper size 58 x 210

You may have given Print Test page command multiple times. The printer buffer is full of data. Let the print empty its buffer by printing out all the data. Roll back used paper and re-install in the paper. Do it multiple times, so that printer buffer is empty.

Go to Internet Explorer > settings > Print >Page setup >fonts > select s smaller font size preferably 8 or 7

Go to Printer Properties in Control Panel > General > Test Print a page. If you are not getting Test page print-out, it means driver is not installed properly . Re-install the printer driver and select a free USB Port in the Printer Properties> Ports > Select Port

This printer comes in two variants. USB Port and USB + Bluetooth Port. Check the Interface type at the bottom of the printer. If the Interface type is USB , then it is a USB Printer. It will not connect with a mobile.  If the Interface type is USB + BT or USB+, then this printer is USB + Bluetooth.It can be connected to a mobile.

The Driver CD comes with an App PRINTERTOOTH.APK.

Download this App in your mobile and print through this App. You may also download the App INVOICEQPRINT from Google Play store for Invoicing.

It is common to see faded print out after long usage. Switch off the printer and clean the thermal Head with Isopropyle Alcohol or Petrol.

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